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Superior off-road wheels and tyres from Mickey Thompson

Mickey Thompson South Africa markets and distributes a range of specialist, premium-quality all-terrain and multi-terrain tyres and rims for SUVs and 4x4s of all shapes and sizes After more than half-a-century making tyres designed to cope with the toughest conditions,

Mickey Thompson Performance Tires is pretty good at it. By combining the best of tread, compound and carcass technology this all-American 4x4 tyre brand has remained at the cutting edge and boasts a range of tyres designed to provide unrivalled grip and traction along with excellent durability and strength.
There’s a Mickey Thompson tyre tailored for specific roles and the STZ, MTZp3, ATZp3, Deegan 38 and Claw TTC will enable you to cope with whatever comes your way in your off-road travels and adventures.

M/T is unashamedly aimed at drivers of 4x4s and SUVs who demand the best and this is achieved by using the finest materials, technology and skills available… and then to test and test. And then test some more. This means taking it to the limit in motorsport competition, on the harshest terrain, and in the laboratory. The fact that they end up being some of the best-looking 4x4 rubber around is a happy coincidence Dedicated research and development from the best engineers, chemists and drivers in the 4x4 tyre business has resulted in a product range that, like the brand’s founder, are tough, focussed, and simply never give up.

Mickey Thompson had a reputation for finding innovative ways of gaining a performance advantage and that spirit lives on in all our tyres as well as our wheels. By fitting a set, you too can be part of the Mickey Thompson Legend.

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