The Stuff of Legends

Superior 4x4 wheels and drag tyres



Mickey Thompson is revered as one of the most competitive racers ever and his spirit lives on in the drag tyres that bear his name. M/T, or, if you like, Sticky Mickeys.

A comprehensive range of Mickey Thompson drag tyres is imported and distributed by Automotive Technology Specialists, a company with a long and impressive legacy in motorsport hardware - and tyres in particular.

So, if you’re a hardcore racer in a funny car or want something that’ll optimise front-drive traction for a street meet, then there’s a sticky, strip-specific M/T tyre for you.

In addition to sticky tyres, ATS continues to import both Mickey Thompson and Dick Cepek superior-quality 4x4 wheels. Timeless style, precision engineering and high-load ratings makes them the first choice for serious off-roaders. Sadly, it also means they’re often imitated, so extra care needs to be taken to make sure you are, in fact, getting the real deal.

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